Incredible Facts About Windsor Castle

About Windsor Castle

Discover many awe-inspiring facts about Windsor Castle during your trip to this majestic royal palace. The castle is one of the most exquisite and oldest palaces of residence which was created with a motive to protect the royal family from Norman dominance. The castle spreads over an area of 13 acres and has been in operation for over 1000 years. The royal family resides once in a while, and when they do then the flagpole above the round tower is hoisted and it remains so until the queen departs. The castle has a splendid architecture which consists of the round tower, upper ward, state apartments, private apartments and state wings.

The castle has a plenty of state apartments that have exquisite interiors, adorned with the oldest of sculptures and paintings, lavish carpet areas, chandeliers and galleries with majestic staircase that would definitely win your hearts. Learn about great Windsor castle facts like how the castle has one of the oldest running kitchens serving the royal family for more than 750 years now. Watch the splendid changing of the guards ceremony conducted every week at the castle. The castle also houses Queen Mary’s infamous doll house that has intricate and realistic detailing that you cannot miss out on.

Incredible Facts About Windsor Castle

There are several awe-inspiring windsor castle facts that you will discover in your castle tours. In your walk-in attraction, learn about how the queen hid in the dungeons during World War II and how the castle has the oldest running kitchens around the world. Another one such amusing Windsor castle fact is that it is the burial ground for many royal family members.

It’s The Queen Go-To Residence

One of the most splendid facts about Windsor castle is that it is the queen’s go-to residence. The queen moves to visit this monumental beauty once in a while and enjoy a fabulous stay. Windsor castle is located in Berkshire and is renowned for being the oldest palace of residence in Europe. Whenever the queen is at the residence, then the flagpole above the round tower is hoisted and it remains so until the queen departs. This is one of the most luxurious palaces which was built alongside the River Thames to protect that castle from foreign invasion.

King George ||| Known As “ Farmer George”

The Windsor castle and its amusable beauty makes it one of the longest residence palaces in Europe. The palace has intricate architecture inspired from Gothic, Georgian and Victorian designers, with interior rooms such as doll houses and exhibitions. When King George III resided at this palace, he liked to take a look around the countryside and interact with the local community which gave him the name farmer George. This is one of the most awe-inspiring facts about Windsor Castle that you will discover in your tour.

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The Castle Has Also Witnessed Burials of a Few Members From the Royal family

There are a plethora of Windsor castle facts that will leave you impressed. One such extravagant fact about Windsor Castle is that it's the burial ground for many inspiring royal family members. The exquisite white palace of the castle is the burial ground for Charles I who was convicted of treason back in the 17th century. The burial took place without pump or noise as instructed by the then royal family. Following this episode, many renowned figures of the royal family like Edward IV, Henry VI, Henry VIII and Jane Seymour, Edward VII and Queen Alexandra, and George V and Queen Mary have been buried at the Saint George's chapel in the white palace.

Queen Mary’s Dollhouse

A mini-mansion that won’t fail to surprise you! - Another one of the most historic facts about Windsor Castle is the dollhouse which belonged to Queen Mary. The doll house was created in the year 1924, and has splendid architectural details that make it look almost real! You will find this doll house in the state apartments of Windsor castle. One of the many incredible facts about Windsor Castle is that this doll house was the work of two significant architects back in time, namely, Sir Edwin Lutyens and Gertrude Jekyll. Efforts were made to construct the house including electricity, running water, flushed toilets and even a library with real handprint reading material.

The Royal Family Got Their Name From The Castle.

On your tour you will come across another one of the Windsor castle facts, which is that the royal family’s last name was derived from the castle itself. Up until 1919, the royal family had the surname Saxe-Coburg-Gotha which had association with the German community. The royal family considered this to be a bad impression, hence changed their last names to Windsor in honour of this exquisite place of residence. The word Windsor comes from an English word, meaning 'winch by the riverbank'. Discover more such facts about Windsor castle in your tour.

The Castle Has Successfully Overcome a Few Attacks.

The castle which was built with a motive of protecting the royal members from Norman dominance, has actually presented and overcame successful attacks. In your tour, you will discover Windsor castle facts like how the guards were in charge of the castle security all the time and protect it from intruders from the countryside by attacking them with hot oil or heavy stones. History also depicts how the castle had a two month sierge in the baron war conducted back in the 1200s. The castle also went under reconstruction in the 11th and 12th century to include more modern designs.

Queen Elizabeth II Slept in The Dungeon During World War II.

One of the most remarkable Windsor castle facts is that the Queen of England slept in the dungeons during world war II. There were heavy rumours during the world war II times, that the Germans would attack the castle and Hitler would take over this castle and occupy it. The royal family, including the future queen and all girls moved into the dungeon, where the rooms where blacked out, had minimal designs and chandeliers were removed. This was one of the smartest moves of the castle in order to protect their future queen from any rumoured attack.

Windsor Castle Was Home to James Holman - An Inspiring 19th-Century Blind Traveller .

One among another Windsor castle facts that you will discover in your tour, is that the popular blind traveller Holman, who beat infamous world travellers like Marco Polo, James Cook, and Ibn Battuta resided in the castle and served as a knight for a short time. This man, James Holan, was a blind solo traveller, British adventurer, author and social observer who wrote extensively about his travel journeys. Despite being completely blind and having limited mobility he had covered more distance than most renowned world travellers.

Windsor Castle hosts Changing of the Guards Ceremonies

The changing of the guards is one of the most incredible British ceremonies, where the current troop of military guards in charge of forts and palaces are replaced by a new set of troops. The ceremony is an absolute delight to watch and is conducted with pomp. Windsor castle also conducts its changing of the guards ceremonies every week on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 11am which no tourists should miss out on. Discover more amusing facts about Windsor castle and their military traditions during your visit to this exquisite royal residence.

It Has The Oldest Kitchen in The United Kingdom

Discover more fun and inspiring facts about Windsor Castle like how the castle houses the oldest kitchen dating back to the 14th century. The kitchen has been in operation ever since 1890 when Prince Albert brought the first gas range. The kitchen is the oldest kitchen in the world and is popular for serving exquisite dishes to the royal family since Edward III around 1360. With an operational history dating back to 750 years, the kitchen is a definite addition to your castle visit itinerary. The kitchen is located in the main white palace and employs renowned chefs and cooks who are known for producing the best of dishes for the royal family when they reside here.


What is the best time to visit Windsor Castle London?

The best time to visit Windsor castle in London is during the mid week. During this time the crowd is relatively empty allowing you to explore the castle at your leisure. Also on Tuesdays and Thursdays you will get a chance to enjoy the changing of the guards ceremony which is an exquisite military session that you would not want to miss out on.

What is special about Windsor Castle?

The Windsor Castle is one of the most exquisite palaces of residences for the royal family. The palace is spread over an area of 5.5 hectares, with spectacular state apartments, vast grounds and exhibitions that make it a popular tourist attraction. The castle has dungeons, the oldest kitchens and lavish apartments that reveal great facts about the opulent lives lived by the royal family.

Can I Book Windsor Castle Tickets Online?

Yes, you can book for Windsor Castle Tickets Online and enjoy exclusive discounts and offers. By booking online you can enjoy private tour sessions too. However, booking tickets at the counter is also available.

Do we need to book in advance for Windsor Castle Tickets?

It is advisable to book for the Windsor castle tickets online to avoid the rush at the ticket counters and enjoy a plethora of offers and discounts. By booking online you can also enjoy off season discounts and private tour sessions.

How Long Does it Take to Go Around Windsor Castle?

You require at least 2 hours to discover the entire palace grounds. The palace has lavish state apartments, exhibitions, doll houses and other awe inspiring palace gourds that will keep you buddy and neetratibed with splendid facts and revelations.

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