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About Windsor Castle London

Windsor Castle in the English countryside is considered the official residence of the Queen of England. Windsor Castle is home to the Royal family for 900 years and also counts as one of the world’s largest occupied castles. During the months of Easter between March and April, her highness uses it as a private residence. In addition to this, many significantly noted personalities and guests of the Queen are also hosted at Windsor Castle, London. The Castle comprises two courtyards namely the Upper and the Lower ward. There is also a passageway through Henry VIII’s Gate that was built in 1511.

The Castle has more than 1000 rooms and over 300 fireplaces. A substantial portion of the noteworthy Royal collection of furniture, paintings, and armour have been handpicked from the best. Some of the most eclectic spots of the castle have been refurbished due to George IV, including the grand staircase and the State Apartments. These apartments hold pieces of art from the Royal collection that include art from Rembrandt, Rubens, and Canaletto. A visit to the Castle is extremely about passion for knowing more about British history, its culture, and heritage. There are several portions within the castle such as St George Chapel, Round Tower, Doll's House and much more to be explored here.

What To See At Windsor Castle

Windsor Castle spells history and has been welcoming visitors since the 8th century. There are several places within Windsor Castle London that give an insight into its rich history and heritage, like the Changing Of Guards, Semi-State Room, Queens Merry Dolls House, and many more. Each nook is a reminder of the enriching past and presents diverse learning points for the inquisitive.

State Apartment

The Ceremonial rooms are a part of the main state apartments that are used by the members of the Royal Family including the Queen. She hosts the official visits made by the Head Of State, and award ceremonies as well as the standing ground where British men and women are appreciated and applauded for their achievements. The Grand Reception room is the most striking room in this part of the State Apartment. It has life-size chandeliers and was once used as the main ballroom in the Castle.

St. George Chapel

If you love Gothic Architecture, then St George’s Chapel is one of the finest examples of it. The Chapel has hosted several royal weddings including the Duke and the Duchess of Sussex, HRH Princess Eugenie and HRH Princess Beatrice, and Mr. Edoardo Mapelli Mozzi. In the Chapel, there are tombs of 10 monarchs including Henry VIII with his third wife Jane Seymour, and Charles I. The highlight of St George’s Chapel at Windsor Castle is a spectacular marble memorial by Mathew Wyatt and the history behind it.

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Round Tower

Make way to the heat of the Castle by visiting the Round Tower, and narrate the stunning history of Windsor Castle London to your friends and loved ones. If you are in this part of the castle, make time for the Royal archives since 1993 that are stored here. Information about the Windsor Castle, the occurrences, the events and much more can be found here satiating your hunger to know more.

Changing of Guards

One of the proudest moments of the British Pageantry is the Changing of Guard Ceremony. Not only is this spectacle meant to be a colourful vision for the visitors, but also is meant to have a military purpose. The Ceremony is a customary handover of duties between two groups of guards. The Household troops also known as ‘The Guards’ have been traditionally guarding the monarch since 1660.

Semi-State Room

The Semi-State rooms also doubled up as private apartments for George IV. The credits for trailblazing designs, interiors, and backdrops go to Morel and Seddon who set a trend with their enigmatic creativity. Furniture and fittings also need to be mentioned especially because it was curated by the Carlton House which also was George IV’s former London abode. Among all the rooms in Windsor Castle, this is the most elaborately and grandly designed room, hence used by the Queen to entertain guests. They are open right from Autumn until spring every year

Queens Mary Dolls House

The Queen Mary’s Dolls House was designed and constructed between 1921 and 1924, which was made by Sir Edwin Lutyens for Queen Mary. More than 1500 artists, craftsmen, and manufacturers have contributed to the makings of the Doll's house. It is a magnificently created miniature wonder that has different rooms for different purposes. Right from staircases and saloons to dining toon, a library with top books, and a wine cellar, the house has everything. To everyone’s surprise, it also has electricity with running hot and cold water with lifts that run perfectly.

Waterloo Chamber

We are all aware of the Battle of Waterloo and its historic win. The significance of the battle and the win are considered one of the most important events in British History. When the British emerged victorious in the Waterloo battle, King George IV commissioned the Waterloo Chambers as a remembrance of this great battle, the minds behind it, and the warriors who were a part of it. It has more than 50 portraits from the royal family clan.

China Museum

An absolute unmissable part of Windsor Castle London is the China Museum. It is the home to beautifully designed and exquisitely crafted China which the queen used as a display in the corridors back then in 1920. The pieces have been specially handpicked from different locations such as Japan, China, and more. An enthralling collection of eye-pleasing China is not to be missed here.

Queen's Platinum Jubilee Exhibition

The Queen became the first British Monarch to celebrate 70 years of service to the people of the UK on 6th February 2022. The year-long Platinum Jubilee Celebrations will mark the crossing over of communities to come together to celebrate The Queen’s historic reign and service to the people of the United Kingdom, the Commonwealth, and the Realms.

Facts About Windsor Castle

Windsor Castle London is one of the largest inhabited fortresses in the world. The castle is not just the official residence of Queen Elizabeth but also home to the Royal library and art. The 1992 fire is a distressing episode of the castle as it destroyed the Upper ward ruining several rooms including the Grand Reception Room and Saint George's Hall. Post-renovation the Castle was restored and is in the spotlight for being one of the most looked-forward places to visit when in London.

It's The Queen's Go-To residence!

Her Highness and the Royal family of course own several places, but Windsor Castle is the Queen’s favourite abode. If you are interested to know that the Queen is at her royal home, then look at the flagpole placed right above the Round Tower. If Her Majesty is in the Castle, the Union Jack is lowered just to notify people of her presence. The Royal Standard replaces the Union Jack and is etched there until the Queen leaves. Once she departs the Castle, the Royal Standard is lowered again. This is useful information especially if you are considering a visit there.

King George III was known as 'Farmer George'

The most beautiful aspect of the Windsor Countryside is easily the luscious vegetation that carpets the area, adding to its beauty. It is surrounded by a friendly community and is quite noteworthy too. Back in those days, King George III was popularly known as ‘Farmer George’ because of his love for the castle as well as the community close to it. He was fond of his kingdom and its subjects and is known to take rides around the countryside. He was particularly concerned about the well-being of the folks.

The Castle Has Also Witnessed the Burials of a Few Members Of the Royal Family

It is unusually surprising but true that nearly 10 kings have been buried here in Windsor Castle. The history lovers must have read that the court convicted Charles I for treason in 1649 due to which he was beheaded at Whitehall Palace. Post the harsh action, the Parliament ordered his burial at Windsor Castle. Others who were buried here included Henry VI, Henry VIII, and Edward IV along with other prominent names.

Queen Mary’s Dollhouse

Now, this pretty miniature mansion is absolutely unmissable. It holds up several surprises for those who admire all things small. The Queen Mary’s Doll house as the name goes was made for Queen Mary. But the inner design of the mini-sized mansion is nothing short of elaborate of a full-fletch city. Architects Edwin Lutyens and Gertrude Jekyll created one of the most bewitching structures that are on display in the State Apartments. The doll house has it all, from flush toilets, running water, elevators, and electricity to a 1200-piece wine cellar full of liquid sunshine. The dollhouse also has an impressive library with original handwritten books from top notch authors including Rudyard Kipling, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, and many more.

The Royal Family Got Their Name From the Castle

Are you aware that before the golden era of 1919, the Royal Family’s last name was “Saxe-Coburg-Gotha? It is quite a revelation isn’t it? This was changed because the name resembled German roots and the British did not want any kind of association with the Germans as it could bring a bad name. Hence during WWI, the Royal family’s last name was changed to Windsor.

The Castle Has Successfully Overcome a Few Attacks

The royal Windsor Castle and fortress has witnessed and borne several attacks and has only emerged strong always. Back in those days, the guards were always on standby at their best as they had to keep a watch on suspected intruders. They would use hot boiling oil and heavy stones to keep them away. As per the records in the 1200s Barons War, the Castle emerged victorious after a two-month-long siege.

Know Before You Visit At Windsor Castle

Essential Information

-Location - The Windsor Castle is nestled on a ridge at the Northeastern edge of the district of Windsor and Maidenhead in Berkshire, England.**

Timings - March to October- 10 am to 5.15 pm November to February - 10 am to 4.15 pm.Windsor Castle London is open to the public five days a week and is closed on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Windsor Castle also remains closed on four days in a year – 11 & 12 October and 25 & 26 December. The State Apartments are closed on 2 Nov, and between 7 Jan to 18 Jan. The last entry is one hour and 15 minutes before closure.

-Best time to visit: The best time to visit the Castle is in the early hours, around 11 and 11.30 AM. When Windsor Castle starts operation at 10 AM, coach tours from London start arriving. The groups then leave post the Change of Guard which happens between 11 - 11.30 AM. After this, the crowd reduces, helping you explore the place with a lesser crowd.

How to reach:- Train - This is the fastest and the most popular way to reach Windsor Castle. The often-taken station is the Paddington station but you can also take a train from Waterloo station. If you take Waterloo station, the journey increases by 10 minutes.

  • Bus - If you have more time in hand to travel you can also take a Green Line Bus from the Green Line coach station in Victoria. It is cheaper but slower than the train. If you love exploring the beautiful countryside then the bus tour doubles itself as a sightseeing tour.


Is Windsor Castle worth visiting?

Yes, definitely! It is a step into experiencing the life of Kings and Queens and also a venture into some of the most beautiful art pieces, furniture, furnishings, and more. Every spot here at the Castle is unmissable. You can admire the luxuriously furnished State Apartments with noteworthy paintings which are often used by the Royal Family to host events. The Queen Mary’s Doll House is touted as one of the most popular doll houses made with crafty details and miniature designs. You can also catch a glimpse of the semi-state rooms and an inspiring trip to St George’s Chapel

Can I take pictures at the Castle?

No, pictures inside the castle are not allowed, due to security reasons.

When can I watch the Changing of the Guard at Windsor Castle?

Guard change at Windsor Castle takes place on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays from 11 am.

Can you walk around Windsor Castle without paying?

No, you have to pay to get inside the castle grounds.

Which is bigger, Buckingham Palace or Windsor Castle?

The two castles in question are quite similar in size, but since Windsor has more rooms than Buckingham Palace, we can say that it is the larger structure.

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